Atlanta club strip strokers

In Atlanta, the presence of two or three major rap stars in one club can lead to a rainmaking competition, and leave thousands of dollars on the floor. There were a few dozen working late on a Saturday night, and even though the club was packed with guys, there were still more than enough dancers to keep everyone satisfied. The first couple times, it took me a while to catch onbut the ladies and the DJ will embarrass you if you come to the strip club BROKE. Citysearch is a registered trademark of CityGrid Media. Don't be surprised to see a celeb or two Music was Decent, Drink weren't as watered down as usual I think they might have a bartender who actually knows how to mix Drinks. I hope its ok to use stripper names, because I really want this to be accurate.


Strokers Strip Club (Atlanta, GA)

Better than a standard ATL air dance, but nothing compared to some of the better spots in the city. The club is located in a small, low-end, suburban strip mall just off the highway. Good music and all but they only had a few dancers and they wasn't all that plus they wouldn't make rounds to see if people wanted a dance. Club type: Nude Dancers. Increase your prize amount and receive more entries. There are a bunch of 7's and 6's. Committee member and city councilman Dean Moore asked Gamble whether his business may increase for being a non-smoking adult entertainment establishment.

Strip club Strokers

Citysearch is a registered trademark of CityGrid Media. It would seem to me that if you're the one paying, they should like whatever it is you like. There are plenty of dancers but I have to say no dimes. The first couple times, it took me a while to catch onbut the ladies and the DJ will embarrass you if you come to the strip club BROKE. Spots like these are like a People still go there as well. Demand that Atlanta gets added to the next tour!
Sent from my GT-P using Tapatalk. But at Strokers you'll get in with no problems. We actually stayed in a hotel downtown where all the strip clubs are, and nightly you could see jigs showing up to Magic City and what have you in their ridonkulous cars, but of course that was about as close as I got. I'd go to Magic City or Onyx if you're looking for the hottest black dancers or Kamal's 21 if you're looking to get to a neighborhood-style black club without traveling too far, but Strokers does have the best table dances of any of the black clubs in Atlanta. I found that my best chance of getting a seat was to ask the girls if there was somewhere that we could sit for a dance, and that strategy worked to get me a seat in the area in the back corner near a shitty, tiny stage and the secondary bar.
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